Jan Konings Bird Watch Tower From Lake

Bird watch tower

Bird observation is one of the most important activities in the Pape Nature Park, attracting both professionals and tourists. This observation tower on the south shores of Lake Pape’s will be part of an existing series of accomodations for bird observation. The towers in this series strongly refer to the local timber architecture in fisher villages. As a freestanding object, the tower possesses seemingly contradictory values of iconicity in the landscape and harmony with its environment. It is present and modest, stands out and engaged itself with its surroundings. The combination of these factors make the tower into an elegant, yet modest icon that is well-embedded in its natural surroundings. 

i.c.w. Max van der Westerlaken 

Jan Konings Bird Watch Tower Footbridge
Jan Konings Bird Watch Tower Facades
Jan Konings Bird Watch Phase 1 and 2
Jan Konings Bird Watch Phase 3 and 4
Jan Konings Previous Former Bird Watch Tower Lake Pape
Jan Konings Location Lake Pape Bird Watch Tower

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