Study for LRS

1. Existing situation
2. Interior optimization
3. Multifunctional space
4. Bed-/bathroom combination

The study on LRS explores in three steps the optimization and extension of a suburban freestanding house for a growing family. The first step proposes a minimal interior alteration to optimize the use of existing spaces and to meet the demands of family life within the existing volume. The second step relocates the bicycle shed from the center of the garden to a new volume together with a multifunctional space. The new position on the side of the parcel offers space for a terrace adjacent to the kitchen, living room, the -newly built- multifunctional space and looks out over the garden. In the third step a bed-/bathroom combination is added in the far corner of the garden for optimal privacy. This volume defines a second 'garden room' adjacent to the living kitchen. 

i.c.w. Max van der Westerlaken

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